Our Activities

Discover all the experiences you can live with us


Guided tour in mountain bike and e-bike

Discover the natural beauties of our region on bike with an axpert guide who will planning a tour based on your abilities and needs!


Guided Tours with Canoes or SUP

An amazing journey on the Iseo Lake for everybody, with an expert guide that will teach you how to paddle and will show you all the point of interest of the lake.


Sailing Cruise


A sailing cruise in an incredible anviromenmt: the lake Iseo raising into the Camonica Valley it will remain impress forever in your mind.


Flight Over the Lake 

The Flight over the Lake Iseo clear water is an uniqe experience you wiill never forgot. From the skies you will be able to admire a skyline full of history and traditions.


The Lakes with a Vespa

Explore by your own the shores of the lakes with the most romantic and iconic italian vehicle: the Vespa motorbike!


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